2019 Exhibitors


Advanced Photonic Sciences

Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC (“APS”) develops and manufactures microlaser and laser module products for industrial and government organizations for biomedical, illumination, and aiming applications in both laboratory and demanding industrial conditions; kilowatt-class cryogenic lasers for R&D and fiber-lasers for surface-cleaning applications; diode-pumped solid-state lasers operating in the UV, visible, and near and mid-infrared spectral regions; offers more than 40 experimental kits for photonics and laser technology education of students at universities and related educational bodies; spectroscopy services; and conducts research and development in collaboration with organizations to develop novel new optical and laser materials. For more information, visit www.apslasers.com


Created in 2001, Amplitude Laser Group manufactures and commercializes ultrafast lasers for scientific, medical, and industrial applications. Leading the international market since its beginning, Amplitude offers a large range of products: diode-pumped ultrafast solid-state lasers, ultra-high energy Ti:Sapphire ultrafast lasers and a full line of high energy solid state laser products. The group consists of three manufacturing locations and several commercial offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Its 300 employees are committed to create and develop innovative lasers, manufactured compliantly with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification standards. For more information, visit www.amplitude-laser.com


Nanosystec developes systems for research and manufacturing of opto- electronic components and
products. Active and passive alignment procedures are combined with joining technologies like
precision laser welding, epoxy gluing and selective laser soldering. Test systems measure the optical
and electrical parameters of SiP chips, VCSEL, edge emitter at wafer- bar- and CoS level.
Applications are production of Tranceivers and planar waveguides for telecom/datacom products.
Medical and Space/Defense devices. Laser ablation is applied for fine balancing of rotors for
medical, automotive and space applications.

We design the system exactly to the needs of the customer with a strong emphasis on productivity
and reliability. For more information, visit www.nanosystec.com


Neaspec is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy for researchers in industry and academic institutions.

Neaspec’s neaSNOM is the ultimate nanoanalytic microscopy and spectroscopy platform for materials research and photonics. The neaSNOM enables optical imaging and spectroscopy of material systems at VIS, IR and THz frequencies with a spatial resolution of 10nm. This cutting-edge technology allows you to gain new insights into your samples by e.g. polariton interference mapping, chemical nano identification, electron carrier and mobility mapping or many more novel phenomena. For more information, visit www.neaspec.com


VPIphotonics provides flexible simulation software and design services supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics, doped-fiber applications, optical system and network applications, and cost-optimized equipment configuration. Join us for live demos on modeling transmission systems with 4D modulation formats, complex integrated devices in Silicon Photonics and InP, and pulsed or high-power doped-fiber applications. For more information, vsit www.vpiphotonics.com